Study Abroad

The most popular venues for Canadians studying in Norway are their Folkehøgskoler, literally translated as Folk High Schools. However they are not high schools in the Canadian sense, nor are they part of the regular education system in Norway.

The 77 Folkehøgskoler in Norway are one year boarding schools based on the idea of learning for life, an opportunity to grow socially as well as academically in small learning communities where all students live on campus in close contact with staff and friends. On offer is a variety of exciting subjects such as outdoor life activities, sports, theater, music, media and more. The classes are non-credit courses so there are no exams. Each school has its own unique curriculum and specialty classes. Most students who attend are within the age range of 18 – 25 and do so between conventional high school and further education.

These are schools where students broaden their social insights, gain more confidence and learn tools for lifelong living. They do welcome international students, and about 26 of them offer Norwegian language classes. However, students contemplating attending a Folkehøgskole would find it helpful to first study the language at the Saskatoon Norwegian Language School, or equivalent. Many from our region have attended and information on their experiences can be obtained by contacting SNCS.

An excellent source for further information is Note the simplified spelling in the web site name. This web site comes up in Norwegian. By clicking on the English flag, most of it converts to English. From this web site, one can obtain extensive general information, and then focus on particular schools. There are many sources for scholarship assistance, however planning for attendance at a Folkehøgskole should start well in advance. The application date for the SNCS scholarship is March 1st.

See below for application form: